About Burriss Building Systems

When World War II veteran Thomas Moffatt Burriss, Sr. began Burriss Construction in 1970, his goal was simple. He wanted to provide high-quality construction services with open and honest communication at a fair cost.

As a platoon leader and company commander of the 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment in Europe during World War II, Burriss saw combat throughout Europe, culminating in Holland’s Operation Market-Garden, which was the largest airborne operation of the war at the time. As part of the Greatest Generation, Burriss’s commitment to honest leadership and quality service was unparalleled.

Under the direction of Burriss’s son, Thomas Moffatt Burriss, Jr., Burriss Construction was incorporated as Burriss Building Systems in 1987. As Burriss Building Systems, we expanded our commercial reach to projects in the retail, office, commercial, religious, and restaurant industries.

We are a full-service design-build contractor from the beginning of our projects through the final stages. Our in-house services cover every level of commercial construction and also include architecture, carpentry, steel and design. We stand by our work by continuing to service our projects even after the warranty has expired.

A client’s initial concept may be as simple as a pencil sketch on notebook paper, but we strive to take those initial concepts and bring them to fruition in the most cost-effective manner possible. From that moment forward, our clients have a single point of contact from the first turned shovel of raw dirt, through design, engineering, and all phases of construction. We aim to deliver projects that meet the needs of our clients precisely and save them money by not over-designing their projects.

Our projects cover a wide array of services including gun ranges, restaurant upfits, auto dealerships, car washes, religious facilities, and retail centers, as well as heavy equipment buildings. Our unique blend of expertise, in-house services, and experience make us flexible and ready to tackle any commercial construction project at a lower cost than our competitors. We are deeply committed to the Burriss family legacy of combining a common sense approach to fulfilling our clients’ needs with fair design and contractor costs while maintaining honest and open lines of communication throughout the entire process.

At Burriss Building Systems, we are not content to rest on our already impressive portfolio. We look to a future that includes new divisions that provide ongoing building maintenance, upfits, and small job services. Just as Thomas Moffatt Burriss, Sr. envisioned a bright future for Burriss Construction, so too do we today.