In traditional general contracting services, the project owner chooses his or her own design vendors, including architects and building engineers, and in some cases, their preferred contractor to provide both general and specialty contractor services. The owner essentially functions as the middleman between the design team and the contracting team, simultaneously managing two complicated contracts. The designer and contractor can seem at odds with one another as the owner attempts to negotiate design changes and cost overruns with each entity.

How Is Design-Build Different?

With a design-build contract, the entire process is simplified from start to finish. The owner manages only one contract with the design-build company. The designer, engineers and contractor work together to develop and execute the owner’s project vision. Both the designers and the builders are on the same team and are able to make unified recommendations to the owner that keep the project’s vision and budget in mind at all times.

Why Choose Design-Build?

The design-build delivery method has a wide range of benefits to the client over traditional design-bid-build delivery methods:

  • The design-build team acts as a single point of contact and a single point of responsibility. There is no finger pointing as blame is shifted from one team to the other. As your design-build team, we are ultimately responsible for every facet of your project.
  • Projects are more likely to be completed on time and under budget as changes and cost overruns can be better managed. With both design and build teams in-house, we can fast-track your project by overlapping the design and build phases.
  • Initial budgets are more realistic. When an outside design team makes project recommendations, they have little experience with how much these specifications really cost. With much of a project’s cost driven by suppliers and subcontractors and with pricing constantly changing, a design-build team can work together to get accurate cost estimations from the start.
  • Design-build projects are delivered 33.5% faster, on average, than traditional design-bid-build project delivery.

A Design-Build Industry Leader

At Burriss Building Systems, we are your design-build leader. Our in-house architecture professionals have vast experience in the commercial, industrial, automotive, retail, and restaurant fields. We can seamlessly manage your project from beginning to end. Whether is it is a restaurant upfit or a commercial building shell with multiple tenants, we can coordinate all aspects of design and building to deliver a product that is superior to our competitors and is both cost- and time-efficient.

Want to learn more about how design-build delivery can fast-track your next development? Contact our team for more information.