Door Installation and Repair

The commercial industry has special needs when it comes to the doors that adorn their buildings. Whether you have a retail space whose need for a door is pretty straightforward or your industrial building has specific requirements that it must meet in order to comply with industry standards, Burriss Building Systems can meet those varied needs.

Door Types Vary

The doors that are needed for a retail business will be vastly different than the types that are required by an automotive business that services and sells vehicles. We at Burriss Building Systems work closely with you and your team to design solutions that not only meet the applicable codes, but also bring a sense of style, continuity and usability to your business.

From huge roll-up industrial doors that allow your employees to easily access the necessary machinery to security doors that provide an attractive yet secure entrance for your facility — and many types in between — we can find the right combination for you.

Professional Door Installation is a Must

At Burriss Building Systems, we are professional door installers. Our well-trained personnel has installed hundreds of thousands of doors throughout our long history of providing South Carolina with the best in construction services. Whether you need a particular type of door for a project that you are working on with us already or you need a door within your existing building replaced, Burriss Building Systems can provide the customer service and quality workmanship you expect.

Door Repair

There are a number of different reasons why a door within your building might need to be repaired. One of its components could unexpectedly fail, prompting you to repair it so that it is usable once again. It might also need to be repaired if one of your employees or customers accidentally damages it. Another possibility is that your door might need to be repaired or reconfigured in order to meet codes or your insurance company’s requirements. Whatever your circumstances, we at Burriss Building Systems can provide the solutions you need.

We have a decades-long history of providing the services that you and your business need. Our reach extends across the state of South Carolina, and we work closely with you to craft a workable solution for your business’s needs now and for the future.