History of Burriss Building Systems

The history of Burris Building Systems is one rooted in integrity and service. Since the very beginning, we have been committed to not only creating exceptional structures, but to building relationships.

In 1970, T. Moffatt Burriss, Sr. founded Burriss Construction Company at the urging of his family. Not one to back down from a challenge, Moffatt Sr. heeded his family’s encouragement and took the new venture, like many he faced in the past, head-on.

Built By the Greatest Generation

Moffatt, Sr. served in the U.S. Army during World War II from May 1943 to September 1945 as part of the 3rd Battalion, 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment. During his service, Moffatt was part of efforts at several crucial battle sites, including Sicily, Battle of the Bulge, and Nijmegen.

During Operation Market-Garden at Nijmegen, Moffatt led his unit against the odds on a mission to secure the bridge over the Waal River. Under German fire and after losing nearly half his men, Moffatt and the survivors were able to secure the north end of the bridge. This historic mission inspired both a book and a movie titled, A Bridge Too Far.

For his heroism during WWII, Moffatt received numerous awards, including the Silver Star, three Bronze Stars, the Purple Heart, three presidential unit citations and more. He was even invited by local leaders in Holland to return for a reenactment of the crossing of the Waal River as part of their celebration of the 50th anniversary of the liberation of Holland.

Lifetime of Legacy

After a decorated military career, Moffatt returned to South Carolina and took a job at Roebuck Building Company in Spartanburg. He worked for Roebuck for fifteen years before striking out on his own to begin Burriss Construction Company in 1970.

Eventually, Moffatt’s son, Moffatt, Jr., joined the company to continue his father’s legacy. Burriss Building Systems was founded as a division of the construction company in 1982 and incorporated as a separate business entirely in 1987. In that same year, Moffatt Sr. announced his retirement.

Since his retirement, Moffatt Sr. has remained active through community service work and speaking to various organizations about his time in the military. He has even published a book of his memoirs, titled Strike and Hold, detailing his life. And he continues to maintain relationships with his former paratroopers – even taking an airborne jump for both his 75th and 90th birthdays!

Today, Moffatt Jr. continues to build upon his father’s outstanding legacy and leads Burriss Building Systems under the same values of hard work, integrity and loyalty upon which his father started the business.

Want to learn more about Moffatt Sr.’s story? Purchase his book, Strike and Hold.