Pre-Construction Services

Burriss Building Systems is proud to offer pre-construction services as part of our full-service package to our clients. Before the foundation is set or the first brick is laid, we are on-site working at maximum capacity to ensure that every project gets off to the right start.

Our Pre-Construction Services Differ From Traditional Delivery Models

In traditional design-bid-build project delivery, a client’s design team completes the initial plans, which are then delivered to competing contractors who spend weeks working on their bids. Meanwhile, valuable time is lost as multiple firms duplicate efforts in estimating projects.

At Burriss Building Services, our pre-construction services encompass site surveying, planning, and estimating, working with each owner to ensure that every project meets the owner’s objectives. During this process, every aspect of the project is taken into consideration including design costs, permitting, land acquisition, and life-cycle costs. Our teams work together to make and execute design decisions, team selection, and seamless scheduling. We work to define the project’s scope, schedule and cost as early in the process as possible.

Most importantly, we can address the unique aspects of each development early in the building process to keep projects on track. These issues may include:

  • Site selection
  • Evaluation of utilities and soil conditions
  • Equipment selection
  • Possible permitting problems and related solutions
  • Analysis of proposed building materials
  • Life cycle and value engineering decisions to create value while staying true to our client’s vision
  • Scheduling options that consider possible weather, equipment, or materials delays

Benefits of Pre-Construction to the Owner

In addition to the value created by streamlining the design process, our pre-construction services allow owners to make informed decisions every step of the way, thereby reducing risk and increasing confidence that the end project will meet their objectives. By defining the project’s scope, cost, and schedule from day one, we are able to reduce the number of changes in each project as well as expertly manage the schedule and budget. Relying on our industry expertise, we can identify potential problems up front, make recommendations, and locate cost-savings throughout the project without compromising quality.

At Burriss Building Systems, every decision we make is done with the client in mind. As such, we have built long-lasting relationships with our clients who come back to us time and again. For your next commercial or industrial project, contact us, where our motto is “Not just buildings, we build relationships.”