At Burriss Building Systems, we understand the special needs that the medical community requires. Due to the very specialized nature of this industry, we confer constantly with the design team that is tasked with finding and creating the right building for your medical business. Whether this means that you are a medical group that is looking for a place to open a new location or your business is a lab that offers testing services, we will meet with the decision makers of the project to ensure that your complete satisfaction is obtained.

Medical Offices Explored

A medical office brings some unique challenges to the design table. Not only must there be a substantial public waiting area, but privacy is also of utmost importance. Designing a building that offers a plethora of flexible options that can be configured to meet the changing needs of your medical practice is one creative solution to this challenge. By using the latest in building techniques and materials, Burriss Building Systems ensures that your medical business meets the constantly changing needs of the medical community today and tomorrow.

Lab Testing Facilities

Burriss Building Systems provides design-build options for businesses that focus on medical services, such as lab and medical testing. We work to find the right site that meets government regulations while also providing easy access for transportation needs.

We then utilize forward-thinking concepts to ensure that your business is productive now and long into the future. In addition to working closely with your design team, we also consult frequently with local officials to ensure that all regulations are met for your type of business.

At Burriss Building Systems, we have worked with a number of medical practices to create workable solutions to the industry’s most challenging questions for more than 40 years. Because of our dedication to quality and our ability to think outside the box, we are the company that the South Carolina medical community turns to again and again when new construction is needed. Contact us today to find out how we can build your practice from the ground up.