Building Maintenance and Repair

Burriss Building Systems is a family-owned business that has offered construction services across South Carolina for more than 40 years. Started by a decorated World War II veteran, Moffatt Burriss, Sr., Burriss Building Systems holds true to our core values of working closely with our clients from the beginning of each project until its completion. We also provide comprehensive building maintenance and repair services so that your business continues to experience success once the initial construction is complete.

Building Maintenance Ensures Integrity

Maintaining your building properly helps ensure that it performs productively for you over the years. Even the best materials are subject to wear and tear that can put their integrity into jeopardy.

Regular maintenance checks and prompt attention to any possible issues help ensure that your business doesn’t experience any unwanted down time that could significantly reduce your productivity. Whether Burriss Building Systems constructed the building or not, we can provide you with the maintenance services that are the best fit for you and your business.

Repairs Need an Experienced Company

Unexpected repairs can significantly hinder the productivity of your business. Whether your building needs to be repaired as the result of inclement weather or an accident, Burriss Building Systems can provide the expertise necessary to get your business running at full production as soon as possible. Because we handle all aspects of your repair, you can be assured of a cohesive, high-quality end result.

Comprehensive Step-by-Step Process

Burriss Building Systems begins with a site inspection targeting the problem areas you have noted. Working closely with our professional team, your business will have access to the latest in repair and maintenance techniques. Our staff utilizes creative solutions to keep your repair and maintenance costs manageable. Because we know how important it is for your business to be up and running at full speed, we offer flexible scheduling that is designed to work with your workflow needs.

Reconfiguration Can Increase Your Productivity

Increasing the footprint of your business also has the potential to increase your profits. It takes a skilled company to be able to tie in new construction to an existing framework. Burriss Building Systems can provide you with the skills that take into account the current building your business occupies and advise you on whether a reconfiguration would be best for your needs or if an entirely new structure is the answer to your goals.

Is your building in need of maintenance or repair? Get in touch with our professionals today to find out how our team can bring your structure up to par.