Faith is an essential part of American history and culture. While faith-based institutions differ from for-profit businesses in many ways, both types of organizations require modern, safe structures in which to hold meetings and other activities. Churches, in fact, have a number of unique design needs that many building contractors may not have the skills or background to adequately address. Fortunately, Burriss Building Systems has decades of experience in metal building, design, and construction of buildings for religious organizations including: churches, sanctuaries, family life centers, and other facilities.

Here are some of the many reasons to choose us to build your religious construction project:

  • Instead of farming out your project to dozens of contractors, we use only our own highly-trained and experienced construction professionals. This means you’ll have a single, highly-qualified company to handle all of your needs, simplifying communication and helping to ensure the job is done right.
  • Since Burriss Building Systems has been in business for over 40 years, you can rest assured that you’re dealing with a respected, established business with a long history of satisfying its customers. We will gladly provide references from past clients so you can be certain that you’re dealing with respected professionals.
  • When choosing a company to build your church, you want to make sure that the workers are not only capable but also practice integrity and respect for your beliefs. At Burriss, we are known for our community involvement, our donations to leading charities, and our regard for traditional values. Our company founder, Moffat Burriss Sr., proudly served his country in World War II, and then went on to build a successful business. When you choose Burriss Building Systems, you’ll be dealing with highly respected members of the building profession, people for whom ethics and honesty are more than just catchphrases.

These are just some of the reasons to choose Burriss Building Systems to design and build your religious organization’s structure. Contact us today for more information.