Metal Building Repair

Metal buildings are a popular option for many businesses. There are a number of reasons why this is true. Versatile, durable and budget-friendly, metal buildings can be configured to meet a variety of size and business requirements. As a trusted South Carolina builder with more than 40 years of experience, we at Burriss Building Systems can help you determine the type of metal building that works for your needs.

Metal Building Advantages

For business owners looking to construct a new building or add on to an existing structure, metal buildings offer a number of benefits over traditionally constructed buildings. Some of these advantages include:

  • Cost effectiveness – Because metal buildings are designed and made to fit together in a very specific way, there is a much more efficient use of materials. This means that there are less surprise construction costs to creep up during the process.
  • Shorter construction times – Metal buildings are much more straightforward to construct since all the components are engineered specifically to work together. This makes not only labor costs lower, but significantly reduces the amount of time need to erect these buildings.
  • Simple maintenance – Steel is one of the most durable materials around today and requires very little maintenance. Some metal buildings are finished with special coatings to prevent oxidization and other weathering. Most metal buildings can be cleaned with simple soap and water.
  • Attractiveness and durability – There are many more finishing options to enhance the look of metal buildings today. Many texture finishes and colors exist to help your metal building blend in seamlessly with the surrounding aesthetics. And with a metal structure, these buildings are much less susceptible to a number of environmental factors, such as damaging winds, rot, termites, and even earthquakes.
  • Sustainability – Metal buildings can be adapted to several types of insulation, making them equally, if not more, energy efficient than traditional construction. Metal buildings are highly sustainable due to their long lifespans and are often made from recycled materials.

Professional Metal Building Repair Experts

While repairing a metal building involves a process that is much simpler than other types of materials, it still needs to be handled by a professional. At Burriss Building Systems, we are experts in all types of buildings — from the ground up. This includes extensive experience within the metal building industry. We are able to effectively evaluate any damages to provide you with an accurate estimate of time and expense.

Dedicated Metal Building Repair

At Burriss Building Systems, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the best in workmanship as well as choice. Our team works closely with you to determine if a repair to your building is the best use of your budget or if it is advisable to invest in a new building. Our primary goal is to make you — our customer — happy with the results of our services.

For more than 40 years, Burriss Building Systems has gone the extra mile to help businesses — large, medium and small — stay within their budgets and reach their goals. As a native South Carolina business dedicated to improving your business, we understand the scheduling that is involved when it comes to metal building repair. We work diligently to schedule your repairs as soon as possible so that your business can continue to operate with a minimal loss of productivity.

If you own a metal building in need of repairs, contact us to get a free estimate for the repairs.